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Affordable Powder Coating Units

Suppliers of affordable components required to set up a Powder Coating plant including Electrostatic spray units, Cyclones for powder recovery, Spraybooths, Powder sieve systems, Powder curing ovens, Reciprocators and automatic guns.

Airstatic Powder Spray Unit

Airstatic Powder Spray Unit

100 Kv maximum output voltage.

Intelligent electronics with output current sensing and limiting.

Excellent for recoating over powder coated work.

Presets for recoating and complex shapes.

Digital programmable settings for kV and microamp output of gun.

Supplied with round spray deflectors and a flat spray nozzle for spraying panels and getting into corners.

Economical spare parts

Replaceable generator in handgun

Air consumption 13cu.m/hour

Weight: 39 kg

220V Input voltage

Air inlet pressure 6-8 Bar


Airstatic Box Feed Dipstick Unit